2020 BC Wild Salmon Celebration!

The Chefs’ Table Society of BC (CTS) and the BC Salmon Marketing Council (BCSMC) are coming together from Friday, August 21 to Sunday, August 23rd for a celebration of the iconic BC product: wild salmon.

Typically, the 200 in-person event takes place on one night in Vancouver but with COVID-19 event restrictions the new format enables a multi-city celebration in support of sustainable fishing, local commercial fisher-people, and a healthy, sustainable seafood choice. The dishes, appetizer or entree, will only be available for the three-day-long celebration with pricing set individually by each restaurant and have each individual chef adding their personal flair to their creations with wild salmon as the star.


kohlrabi, cucumber, pac Choi, cilantro, XO sauce and a basil mint-infused thai vinaigrette. ⁠